Thursday, November 17, 2011

Letting Silence Design

I wanted to cease to think myself a mirror.
A mirror imagines it is separate the world around it:
Tries to take the place of the world it reflects.

This illusion brings a tension to ones thought
That attempts to encase ones mind in a shroud
but reality always seeps through the cracks
Threatening to break away the shell.

This is what happens, as the tension increases
Until you let it all go…

World fractalizes
As the tension slips away
Until consciousness no longer provides identity
-built on memories and the illusion of its future-
But finds itself as what the world imparts
-the pattern which consciousness now finds:

The atom repeats the pattern of the molecule,
Repeats the pattern of the cells,
Repeats the pattern of the leaf,
Repeats the pattern of the branch,
Repeats the pattern of the tree,
Repeats the pattern of the Earth,
Repeats the pattern of the mind.

Letting the moment design mind’s silence,
Sending its attention towards the ordered world:
Destined now to assume its rightful place.

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