Wednesday, December 14, 2011


My friend,
When you were born,
Life cast you into this dream
While giving to you love
To remind you of waking Reality.

As surely as I love you now
And sit beside your final bed,
Not soon to sleep, but soon you´ll awaken
From the dream from which Destiny calls.

Ahead of you Death has always walked
Showing you your fated path
And giving love in those precious moments
When the dreamer dared to lift his eyes.

In death your truth foreve finds you
When love reaches its Eternal Source
As the Reality with which it soon will meld
In the harmony of one´s mortal end.

The love we felt for you in life
Has touched us all beyond its close
Leaving memories in the livings' minds
And something deeper that we sometimes find:

In future moments of conscious grace
When Present's joy meets open hearts
We will be following You through love
More strongly than any memory.

If our recollections of you fade
-Though for me they never will-
Take comfort in your destination
That calls you clearly even now.

This solace I now try to hold:
Trapped in memories of your love
Which soon will leave this mortal plane
And leave me sitting here without you.

Your impending absence brings a rift
That keeps me from the words I preach
And casts me from God's loving arms
Into the abyss of this black dream.

These tears that I shed for you now
Fall on unforgiving floors
And force me to the recognition
That more than ever I feel alone.

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