Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Coming Collapse

The collapse is comming so stock up on food and gold, get to know your neighbors and find new ways to love...

The Coming Collapse
(March 28, 2012)

Our kingdom come
Which now stands lost
To its self-imprisonment in vice,
Finds itself in consonance
With the end its ways have wrought.

Soon we’ll find
Our only chance
To guide the blind
To righteous sight
-A chance that greets us with open arms
Opened by their lack of direction:

We herald now
The bell that tolls
For the impermanence
Of coddling waste,
Which brings with it destructive fires
That wipe away the cultures of decay.

We’ll stand among
The righteous flames,
Prepared to help
With loving hands
Those who survive the cleansing blaze:
Possessing eyes that see in firelight.

Will towers imprisoning minds!
Razed to dust
Will be walls that divide!
We must show this world new light
From which no one will want to hide.

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