Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Forever Means Right now

This kind of music is uncharacteristic of what I usually post.  I would urge you to listen to the lyrics

Forever Means Right Now
You want to know me
I want to know you
Space and time seem to flow on
But our eyes stand still against the tide.

You can feel our eyes locked together.
Through these eyes stare into me.
Can you see what I am trying to say?
Will we share this moment forever?

But sometimes these eyes slip away
Past mortal, living time
to the immensity of the eternal:
The instant of a feeling
that takes centuries to explain.
The instant of a moment
That takes a lifetime to understand

This proximity to reality produces
Euphoria so powerful it must be a dream,
But then I look into your eyes again.
Does this light still linger
In the longing glance you find here?

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