Monday, January 14, 2013


Some people

Cannot let the silence dance

In the gaps between the conversation
That harbor a deeper intimacy
Than words could let us know.

Afraid to shed the dream-words
That never seem to bridge the void
Between the different speakers
Speaking their different lives,

They think they cannot reconcile
Gazes that do not meet in conversation
So they fill the space with words
To create a common ground

But the ground falls under foot
Of those who ponder words in the silence
That follows their pronouncement
And lingers in interpretations.

If only they would cease their thoughts
That strive to avail them of discomfort
Found in the uneasiness
Of not knowing what the other feels.

Only then would they smile in silence:
For the love that awaits them there
As two people feel the understanding
That the most important things must remain unsaid.

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