Saturday, November 16, 2013


This is the story of how I found the communes…

And they say that I live in my own world
And that I walk through this life in a dream
And my words seem to melt into the air
Cause when I talk they turn away

So I wondered aloud
About this world that I found

And I asked "am I the thoughts inside my head?"
And they said "yes, you are that and nothing more"
And when I said "no I am everything else"
They said "no you are not" and shut the door

So I wandered alone
From this place in which I thought I was home

So I wandered through fields
And valleys and mountains
Through cities and country
And continents and nations

But I went through all these lands
As a foreigner and stranger
And they looked at me through eyes
As if I walked out of their dreams

Their dreams…

It was then as I walked somberly
Through these lands that had forsaken me
That I found my people dreaming the dream
That I had always dreamed…

And I found in your eyes
the truth that we are all we see

And we'll show them that our love
is more than just a dream

And they'll say that we live in our own world
And that we walk through this life in a dream
But we'll show them that our love is real
And we'll show them a new way….

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