Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Walk Down Mainstreet

Walking Away From Mainstreet
Beckoning you to come in,

It painstakingly carves out an emptiness it claims was always there:

Tomorrow's freedom 


Into the uncertainties of a daily life passing away into ghosts.

Ghosts that carve their space

To pull you inside

To deny you an untouched happiness they promise you on shiny surfaces

Behind the windows' ephemeral glass

Shimmering mirage: inside a love that will only pass.

Desecrate its temple: 

Do not walk inside.

Turn away and look into my eyes.

My love bought only when you relinquish all that buys:

Embrace the fullness by pulling away your guise.

Life tread on water with futures unplanned:

Tell me, have your feet touched upon these lands?

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