Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You Bring Me Here

You Bring Me Here
On the path made holy by our steps
No rationality could possess
the openness of those flowing fields
rolling like placid ocean waves.

Those endless rows of corn
Found us in the setting sun
Whose first red reached our eyes
In the rapture of our peaceful walk

I still cannot remember a time
Our steps strode more perfectly side by side
Guided, like the waving corn guides the wind,
By the moment whose unveiling we share

My mind meets you here and now
As the realization sinks in:
You bring me here to witness
The reality that I am not alone

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Future

This is a poem not only about past errors but also present ones waiting to be made.

Red Black Yellow
No one to turn to.
No one to help you.
In a hypocritical world
We look to him for direction.
We find in him a solution:
Where actions become
The only form of thought,
There lies the virtue of sacrifice.
No one will deny
the purity of blood
Selflessly shed for this dream:

“When these centuries of struggle end,
Paradise will be complete.
Everything is possible.
We can change the world.”