Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Meeting A Stranger For The First Time

Another song for you... still no recording though.  In the meantime I'll give you another song:

Meeting  A Stranger For The First Time
Walk down these streets while their feet and their faces
pass me by
They move as if they’re in a trance or as if I’m not
Really here

And I look into their eyes

And they look away

Cars driving up to the stoplights
Honk in their rush to get away
The streetlamps block out the moonlight
And I’m left here waiting for a sign….

And you appear under streetlamp’s glare
And In your eyes
I see you there

Noise from the city surrounds us with movement
But for me everything is still
An unspoken feeling, surrounding, expanding
To you, and me, the city…

And I’ve always lived for these moments
Where everything falls into place
Nothing between us but silence
No words could pierce our gaze

And you walk towards me
And my eyes can feel the touch of your smile
A dream all around us
As you walk by

I feel your smile though you dissolve into the crowd
City’s rhythm pulls you away into the emptiness of the streets
And I turn around
As you walk away

And the birds calling out from the rooftops
Tell me what I felt wasn't there
And I’m left here standing in silence
As the city pulls me away...

And you turn around….