Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hello all! I am currently living in Ecuador and don't know when I will be able to post.

Eyes downcast
I wander from the fields.
Grass and earth
–Still damp from the morning’s quenching-
Ooze between bare feet and penetrate every crevice between the toes,

But I do not notice as my mind wanders farther still:
Over the flat fields of waving corn, tiny towns and shapeless forests.
Finding only broken limits and infinite flight:
Past the open path through which I trod
Past the present to where shadows still play:
The ruse of memories guiding me away…

But at that moment all thoughts align:
The light that bubbles up from green blades
Awakens me from the ground.

I step into this new world
Leaving all those careless thoughts behind
As the tiny twinkling lights illuminate the grass
Soft between my feet as I catch sight of you now.

I’ve opened my eyes today:
Falling into the sea of luminescent orbs
Crawling up the trees and vines
Showing me the soft angles of your face
As you step gingerly down the path

Though these perfect moments seem fleeting,
I know that only now we glimpse eternity.
So come live with me in this reality.
Come join me in this dream.
To live forever in your presence
Transmutes existence like the fireflies’ dance.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Grey Trees, Black Sky

Limitations are necessary for the experience of freedom.

Grey Trees Black Sky

I can see trees
Unfold with stubborn insistence around the empty field
Where breezes pool in lively airs that dance from sky to ground,
Only to plod into the branches that close them to the stars.

Lost in the pathways leading nowhere,
The wind forgets from where it came
As branches snatch away its vitality
Dissipated into the quiet weeping of the leaves.

But skimming along the canopy ceiling
Above my head: winds rustle trees,
Enveloping me in the mocking absence
Of the quiet freedom of the open air.

Now wind gently greets me at the edge
Where trees sculpt the field’s subtle form
Which gives the openness its place
And gives pause to a restless mind.
And now I realize the forest’s trees
Which unfold in their ordered grace,
Allow the freedom of the open to possess
The meaning that I longed to seek.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


  I wrote this in five minutes in a flash of insight.

Through the differentiation

Of its own self-engendering movement,

veils its own eyes

to the privilege of its self-experience.

What a joke when

a life full of contemplation

has only to show for its efforts

the understanding that occurs

when the mind is silenced by its own contradictions.

Understanding that

When I see you,

I see me.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Illusions of Progress

It's not capitalism vs anti-capitalism or right vs left
It's freedom vs slavery, love vs hate

The Illusions of Progress
Those who think they hold us to heel
When they bask in the light of our hallucination
Think control will keep at bay what’s real
By manipulating parties, media and nation.

But illusion has captured them as well.
Decades passed and truth repressed
Leave them under the deceiving spell
Of fleeting power with no regress

We know that truth has no party here
Where success finds only the greedy few
Perpetuating facades and grinding gears
Which cause such pain and crush the new

But the power lies in the peoples’ hands
Which build the pedestals from which greed falls
And demand control throughout the lands
In hopes their pride will conquer all

In our hopeless desire for personal glory
We ignore the love we owe each other
And leave the selfish to write our story
Forgetting each man is our brother

This freedom that we feel together
Manifests itself between us now
If we heed its virtuous call to weather
The trials our fate can’t disavow:

Cast off illusion from your mind!
Cast off your party: left and right
More powerful than a memory’s bind
Is present freedom’s eternal light

Destiny makes this our cause
Against loves’ division by selfish hate
So we can walk as one: free of laws
And live together without the state

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Note: To get the full effect you must print this poem out and hold it in your hands
The poem,
In the hands of the reader,

Marks the time with rhythm 
Which holds the words 
That point beyond the page. 
Like the rising sun 
Which gives the earth its first light, 
You give the poem to the mind
That finds you in the page
When it points to its beyond. 
But yesterday still beckons 
The mind that contemplates 
The poem that gives the invitation  
To leave it all behind…

Thursday, October 6, 2011

1000 Feet Up, 1000 Feet Down

This was written before my "turn".  See if you can spot differences between this and my other poetry
1000 Feet Up, 1000 Feet Down

A dark ocean carried by the wind obscures my travel.
As the last sliver of light disappears behind the ghostly sea of clouds, I dream of you.
Memories worm their way into my conscience.
Like your fingers gently weaving through my hair,
Though I have not even reached my destination, I can only think of returning.
I must repress what passions remain or this week will tear me apart. 
Away from you I am away from life. 
These thoughts rush by along with the clouds: transient in their form, continuous in their substance. 
A voice pulls me away. 
Her face, barely visible in the dark of the cabin, once beautiful now wrinkled with time stares at me with a formality: a smile.
The cold cup passes from her hand to mine, and I am out the window again.
The clouds are gone, replaced by the spreading tendrils of light that characterize the spontaneity of urban invasiveness.
Looking down I see cars, buildings, people, and in this transient state between destinations, between sleep and wakefulness, between happiness and sorrow, I dream that each one has a face like yours.

I dream of a world filled with you.