Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Birth of Truthfulness (Satya)

A birth and a death in 2 days!
The Birth of Truthfulness (Satya)
New breath fills her lungs with the air of a world that does not know her.
So quietly does she lie in her mothers' arms:
A new light that shines on the earth today,
Bright with a peaceful radiance so wanting in the world.
Filled with the grace of  purity she stepped into our lives,
Ready to teach her lesson to those who would join her in tranquility:
So prepared to bare life's mantle, she greeted the world with a quiet sigh
Of one who understood its noise and hustle, but quietly smiled with wise eyes.

Oh Satya live up to your name
Your mothers have given you with great insight!
That you might show all the world your love
And that we might learn from your power and your light.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


My friend,
When you were born,
Life cast you into this dream
While giving to you love
To remind you of waking Reality.

As surely as I love you now
And sit beside your final bed,
Not soon to sleep, but soon you´ll awaken
From the dream from which Destiny calls.

Ahead of you Death has always walked
Showing you your fated path
And giving love in those precious moments
When the dreamer dared to lift his eyes.

In death your truth foreve finds you
When love reaches its Eternal Source
As the Reality with which it soon will meld
In the harmony of one´s mortal end.

The love we felt for you in life
Has touched us all beyond its close
Leaving memories in the livings' minds
And something deeper that we sometimes find:

In future moments of conscious grace
When Present's joy meets open hearts
We will be following You through love
More strongly than any memory.

If our recollections of you fade
-Though for me they never will-
Take comfort in your destination
That calls you clearly even now.

This solace I now try to hold:
Trapped in memories of your love
Which soon will leave this mortal plane
And leave me sitting here without you.

Your impending absence brings a rift
That keeps me from the words I preach
And casts me from God's loving arms
Into the abyss of this black dream.

These tears that I shed for you now
Fall on unforgiving floors
And force me to the recognition
That more than ever I feel alone.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Experiment II

  I found this passage the day after I finished this poem: “That was the true Light which gives light to every man coming into the world” John 1:9.  Note: capitalization matters! 
Experiment II
And now a search comes upon the poem,
A search already possessed by what it searches for:
Floundering in the hallucination of its darkness,
Illuminated by the Light it tries to create.

(You are this Light
That illuminates the darkness of the search
For a light that it seeks to make
In place of the One by which it searches.)

It turns to the poem for guidance
Or amusement or distraction,
In its effort to create the light
It assumes itself to be.

(But this end that its ideal proclaims
Lies disobeyed by the means prescribed:
No search could find the light it tries to create
Unless it surrenders itself to the present from which Light shines)

If the search stepped into this Light
And ceased its attempt to replace it,
As if to own or dominate it,
Its light would burn.

(Here the search abolishes itself
As it ends its violent struggle:
As light-in-Light it finds its way to peace
And surrenders its hallucination of control to truth.)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Letting Silence Design

I wanted to cease to think myself a mirror.
A mirror imagines it is separate the world around it:
Tries to take the place of the world it reflects.

This illusion brings a tension to ones thought
That attempts to encase ones mind in a shroud
but reality always seeps through the cracks
Threatening to break away the shell.

This is what happens, as the tension increases
Until you let it all go…

World fractalizes
As the tension slips away
Until consciousness no longer provides identity
-built on memories and the illusion of its future-
But finds itself as what the world imparts
-the pattern which consciousness now finds:

The atom repeats the pattern of the molecule,
Repeats the pattern of the cells,
Repeats the pattern of the leaf,
Repeats the pattern of the branch,
Repeats the pattern of the tree,
Repeats the pattern of the Earth,
Repeats the pattern of the mind.

Letting the moment design mind’s silence,
Sending its attention towards the ordered world:
Destined now to assume its rightful place.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


And some days I even think I could understand such things...
Some days poetry flows from the tounge:
A feeling that rushes over me.
Lips appointed to speak the sentiment
Of thoughts that touch their every second.

Some days my words dissolve into the voices of the crowd:
Superfluous thoughts
That drift towards their disappearance
Like tears that meld with the rain.

Some days I fight for words I cannot say.
Like a wintered city wrapped in silence,
Yearning for its morning life,
Stands empty in our sleep.

Some days I translate the silent langugage
Given by the future as it slips into the past
And leaves a trace in the words I speak
That barely points at what I feel.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hello all! I am currently living in Ecuador and don't know when I will be able to post.

Eyes downcast
I wander from the fields.
Grass and earth
–Still damp from the morning’s quenching-
Ooze between bare feet and penetrate every crevice between the toes,

But I do not notice as my mind wanders farther still:
Over the flat fields of waving corn, tiny towns and shapeless forests.
Finding only broken limits and infinite flight:
Past the open path through which I trod
Past the present to where shadows still play:
The ruse of memories guiding me away…

But at that moment all thoughts align:
The light that bubbles up from green blades
Awakens me from the ground.

I step into this new world
Leaving all those careless thoughts behind
As the tiny twinkling lights illuminate the grass
Soft between my feet as I catch sight of you now.

I’ve opened my eyes today:
Falling into the sea of luminescent orbs
Crawling up the trees and vines
Showing me the soft angles of your face
As you step gingerly down the path

Though these perfect moments seem fleeting,
I know that only now we glimpse eternity.
So come live with me in this reality.
Come join me in this dream.
To live forever in your presence
Transmutes existence like the fireflies’ dance.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Grey Trees, Black Sky

Limitations are necessary for the experience of freedom.

Grey Trees Black Sky

I can see trees
Unfold with stubborn insistence around the empty field
Where breezes pool in lively airs that dance from sky to ground,
Only to plod into the branches that close them to the stars.

Lost in the pathways leading nowhere,
The wind forgets from where it came
As branches snatch away its vitality
Dissipated into the quiet weeping of the leaves.

But skimming along the canopy ceiling
Above my head: winds rustle trees,
Enveloping me in the mocking absence
Of the quiet freedom of the open air.

Now wind gently greets me at the edge
Where trees sculpt the field’s subtle form
Which gives the openness its place
And gives pause to a restless mind.
And now I realize the forest’s trees
Which unfold in their ordered grace,
Allow the freedom of the open to possess
The meaning that I longed to seek.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


  I wrote this in five minutes in a flash of insight.

Through the differentiation

Of its own self-engendering movement,

veils its own eyes

to the privilege of its self-experience.

What a joke when

a life full of contemplation

has only to show for its efforts

the understanding that occurs

when the mind is silenced by its own contradictions.

Understanding that

When I see you,

I see me.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Illusions of Progress

It's not capitalism vs anti-capitalism or right vs left
It's freedom vs slavery, love vs hate

The Illusions of Progress
Those who think they hold us to heel
When they bask in the light of our hallucination
Think control will keep at bay what’s real
By manipulating parties, media and nation.

But illusion has captured them as well.
Decades passed and truth repressed
Leave them under the deceiving spell
Of fleeting power with no regress

We know that truth has no party here
Where success finds only the greedy few
Perpetuating facades and grinding gears
Which cause such pain and crush the new

But the power lies in the peoples’ hands
Which build the pedestals from which greed falls
And demand control throughout the lands
In hopes their pride will conquer all

In our hopeless desire for personal glory
We ignore the love we owe each other
And leave the selfish to write our story
Forgetting each man is our brother

This freedom that we feel together
Manifests itself between us now
If we heed its virtuous call to weather
The trials our fate can’t disavow:

Cast off illusion from your mind!
Cast off your party: left and right
More powerful than a memory’s bind
Is present freedom’s eternal light

Destiny makes this our cause
Against loves’ division by selfish hate
So we can walk as one: free of laws
And live together without the state

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Note: To get the full effect you must print this poem out and hold it in your hands
The poem,
In the hands of the reader,

Marks the time with rhythm 
Which holds the words 
That point beyond the page. 
Like the rising sun 
Which gives the earth its first light, 
You give the poem to the mind
That finds you in the page
When it points to its beyond. 
But yesterday still beckons 
The mind that contemplates 
The poem that gives the invitation  
To leave it all behind…

Thursday, October 6, 2011

1000 Feet Up, 1000 Feet Down

This was written before my "turn".  See if you can spot differences between this and my other poetry
1000 Feet Up, 1000 Feet Down

A dark ocean carried by the wind obscures my travel.
As the last sliver of light disappears behind the ghostly sea of clouds, I dream of you.
Memories worm their way into my conscience.
Like your fingers gently weaving through my hair,
Though I have not even reached my destination, I can only think of returning.
I must repress what passions remain or this week will tear me apart. 
Away from you I am away from life. 
These thoughts rush by along with the clouds: transient in their form, continuous in their substance. 
A voice pulls me away. 
Her face, barely visible in the dark of the cabin, once beautiful now wrinkled with time stares at me with a formality: a smile.
The cold cup passes from her hand to mine, and I am out the window again.
The clouds are gone, replaced by the spreading tendrils of light that characterize the spontaneity of urban invasiveness.
Looking down I see cars, buildings, people, and in this transient state between destinations, between sleep and wakefulness, between happiness and sorrow, I dream that each one has a face like yours.

I dream of a world filled with you.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another good song

I mostly like this song for the lyrics and the beautiful voices.

Sometimes I go whole days
listening bored, half sleep
I won't say anything
that's worth a thing to me
One day, suddenly, time
took a turn that once felt so brief
I blinked to see polite ghosts fading quickly

What begins as an unguarded
train of thoughts slowly can become
an addiction to the slumber
of disconnection and the resonance
of memory that no longer has a shape
but keeps you numb through
the hours tills gone is another day

Be aware, my darling
these things I say I mean
are just traces of something
I long to feel again
I see our time expand
in the air almost forcibly,
spreading thinner till it dissolves completely

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Invincible Man

Endless Sand
Now I will sing you this lullaby
About a man who could not die
All around him the world did pass
Like an endless hourglass:
He roamed the beaches throughout the land
Counting every grain of sand,
While in and out flowed the sea
Like another passing memory
And every night the sky grew dim
The ocean always sang to him
And lulled him to uneasy sleep
Troubled by his lonely keep
But with his final conscious breath
He’d always whisper his wish for death

Tuesday, September 6, 2011



Down cracked sidewalks but forget where and why the going started. 
Lost in the chaos of moving feet whose unity lies in their organic flow,
Perspectives shift to some new truth: experiencing its constant displacement. 

As bodies carry me forward, they rush to the rhythm of those who desire our desires:
I smile and laugh at voices screaming out from billboards and TVs
“What you need is need itself! Don’t look within, but to ME!”

Down the street and pause at the window’s reflection.
Behind the still face staring back lies the world’s movement:
With purpose distorted by its realization, the present bursts forth out of nothing:
Onward from some inconceivable lack, 
Towards a resolution that will not resolve. 
Here I close my eyes.
Here there is the silence between thought and its realization:
In which the meaninglessness of boundaries can be discerned. 
Here I find myself fall away into everything.
Here I find only Love.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You Bring Me Here

You Bring Me Here
On the path made holy by our steps
No rationality could possess
the openness of those flowing fields
rolling like placid ocean waves.

Those endless rows of corn
Found us in the setting sun
Whose first red reached our eyes
In the rapture of our peaceful walk

I still cannot remember a time
Our steps strode more perfectly side by side
Guided, like the waving corn guides the wind,
By the moment whose unveiling we share

My mind meets you here and now
As the realization sinks in:
You bring me here to witness
The reality that I am not alone

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Future

This is a poem not only about past errors but also present ones waiting to be made.

Red Black Yellow
No one to turn to.
No one to help you.
In a hypocritical world
We look to him for direction.
We find in him a solution:
Where actions become
The only form of thought,
There lies the virtue of sacrifice.
No one will deny
the purity of blood
Selflessly shed for this dream:

“When these centuries of struggle end,
Paradise will be complete.
Everything is possible.
We can change the world.”

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Government loots Social Security to pay off banks

I completely expected this.  I never expected to collect SS in my lifetime since, like our monetary system, it has been designed as a ponzi scheme since its inception.

so basically they are making the cuts by changing the way inflation is calculated so that they will be able to pay out less to those who put money in (the money SS pays out is adjusted for inflation).

It's really quite insidious.  This new way of calculating inflation "takes into account" the way people change their spending patterns when prices rise.  For instance... say a meal for 1 person earning $10,000 is $2 a meal.  Now say that the price of food rises astronomically so that it costs $20,000 for one meal.  The new government CPI calculation would look at this person and say "ok.  Food prices have gone up a lot and you definitely can't afford ANY food whatsoever.  BUT because you aren't buying any food, the inflation in food prices won't affect you."    You can clearly see what a scam this is. 

Arguing over a debt ceiling and budget cuts is pointless (too little too late) since there is no possiblity of us ever paying the debts off.  These extend and pretend policies only delay examination and acceptance of the fact/problem that our currency (the US dollar or Federal Reserve Notes [FRNs]) is a ponzi scheme and that this directly necessitates that our entire society is chronically (and unpayably) in debt.  The longer we extend and pretend, the more thouroughly our government and big, crony capitalist, financial institutions can loot our society.  Any solution is bound to be MASSIVELY painful because it will require that we acknowledge that none of these debts are ever going to be paid (deflation) or that they are completely worthless (hyper-inflation).  Of these two choices, the second one is far more likely since it is politically palatable: it allows the biggest debtors (the goverments and banks) to not make the politically difficult choice of default or bankruptcy.  Hyper-inflation allows these debtors to remain "solvent" until the end by allowing them to not be forced into  recognizing their own insolvency.

But no matter what happens just remember: they're all criminals and should be thrown into jail.

Friday, May 13, 2011

I am what I am

I Am What I Am
Piercing the shrouded sky
They fight against surrounding black:
Like flowers breaking through sidewalk cracks,
The light seeps through the darkness.
Between the leaves
The stars reach for the eyes…

But now thought reaches away:
I escape myself through abstraction
As the past violently asserts itself:
Remembrance induced by a careless focus
On a memory flowing from a present vision:
The tree
Clothed in leaves
Beckons forth remembrance:

Autumn leaves,
Trundling into legs only to move past
As they ride the restless winds
Whispering their own poems
Of meaning only experience could collect…
They rush
Through fallow ditches
And enclosing brush which
Form a pattern around
The tree that beckons forth
- With disrobed branches glistening
White under stars,
Dampened by the still-settling dew-
A Self-realization that obliterates all boundaries
And encompasses no thoughts,
but the One
which gives them:
The One which gives a breath
Held together by the moments
Which trail the first puff of white
that joins the airs that wrap themselves
around the tree reaching up to the stars
which do not reflect the one who sees them
but give the light
towards which thought now reaches.

All these memories induce
The longing to feel the openness
No words could possibly posses
As slowly the months fade
Into the dissolving moments it takes
For the eyes to reach up to the light.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Your life, begging for silence,
Fills itself with words
To drown out the fear
Of the reality passing it by.

But the approval that you seek from those
Who have faith in themselves alone,
Will always fail to reflect the one
Who makes it a precarious home.

And when I give you a loving smile
In return for your puzzled stare,
Remember in those ambiguous moments:
Silence will be waiting.

The silence unbounds all love
From the reflection of the one who feels:
The eternal revelation which cries out
“Silence is always waiting”

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Friday, March 4, 2011

Dance of Silence: To understand signs, you must look past them

I have two kittens whom I adore and love to pet.  They're very frisky and play with me and each other often.  They love to chase around the red laser pointer dot.  It's probably their favorite game and they've come to recognize the sound of me picking the pointer up (it has a key chain which jingles in a certain way).  Sometimes they look for the red dot and can't find it so I point to it.  Being cats, however, they don't understand the significance of pointing.  Rather than look in the direction I am indicating, they stare at the tip of my finger.

Don't be like my cats! Look where I am pointing!

Dance of Silence

Between the words we speak,
The ambiguity asserts itself
In the lack we try to conceal
Through the flow of conversation.

Here truth always lives anew:  
Dancing from one lie to the next
Escaping the stability created
By arguments that struggle to their next conclusion.

Absorbed by these false summits,
Meaning slips away
As we look past its fleeting visage
Towards the endless climb ahead.

But these lies give understanding
About the truth they conceal:
About the falsity of our self-imprisonment
Within the differences we’ve created.

So when I tell you this love is infinite
Do not ponder the meaning of the words
But let them go in silence:
Free yourself and dance with me.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The They

I am The They.  I am not defined by The They: I define myself by The They. 

They bind themselves to
Their instrument of binding
In their ignorance:

Man conceals the thought
Of love from the openness
Of present freedom.

You are this freedom
That confronts your eyes with sight.
This is why I'm here