Friday, March 4, 2011

Dance of Silence: To understand signs, you must look past them

I have two kittens whom I adore and love to pet.  They're very frisky and play with me and each other often.  They love to chase around the red laser pointer dot.  It's probably their favorite game and they've come to recognize the sound of me picking the pointer up (it has a key chain which jingles in a certain way).  Sometimes they look for the red dot and can't find it so I point to it.  Being cats, however, they don't understand the significance of pointing.  Rather than look in the direction I am indicating, they stare at the tip of my finger.

Don't be like my cats! Look where I am pointing!

Dance of Silence

Between the words we speak,
The ambiguity asserts itself
In the lack we try to conceal
Through the flow of conversation.

Here truth always lives anew:  
Dancing from one lie to the next
Escaping the stability created
By arguments that struggle to their next conclusion.

Absorbed by these false summits,
Meaning slips away
As we look past its fleeting visage
Towards the endless climb ahead.

But these lies give understanding
About the truth they conceal:
About the falsity of our self-imprisonment
Within the differences we’ve created.

So when I tell you this love is infinite
Do not ponder the meaning of the words
But let them go in silence:
Free yourself and dance with me.

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