Thursday, July 5, 2012

Experiment III/Kontext

I am living in the city now.  The city is a disease upon the earth and a self-inflicted wound on mankind.  It dampens the senses and isolates us more and more in direct proportion to the extent to which it pulls us together.  I'm honestly surprised that I could even bring myself to finish this poem.  I'm afraid that it will be the last enlightened piece of literature that I produce for some time.  On the drawing board I have poems about isolation in the city, the state, the first communion at the last supper, and finally a poem about people who cannot stand to be in silence with others.  My inspired moments are far and in between but I will do what i can to change that and make the most of it when it does happen...

Experiment III
I give this poem to you.

I wanted to tell you what I am, what you are.

Though time and space seem to separate us,
I tell you:
We are together now.

It is Ourself that I’m trying to impress on you:
The now in which the words pass by
Contains our voice speaking these thoughts;
The future as it becomes the past.

We are this future,
Which consciousness faithfully reflects
As it leaves our unthought Self
To dance in the firmament of the mind.

This future is the One
That holds the present and the past
As it reveals itself as everything
When we glimpse its shadow.

So drop this poem from your hands
And drop these thoughts from your mind
So that the reader might take the time
To free itself of words and listen…

 God I can't stop listening to good Russian electronic music!


  1. Thank you, Keith. Your poems are water to a thirsty throat - or something like that. Right to the heart of it. I just reread a few others, too, "i send my regards to the philosopher" and "we know each other" among them. They're brilliant.

    I hope you're finding a way in the city. It is brutal for sure.


    1. In the words of the not-so-blessed Lloyd Blankfein; whether you are a prole who produces objects, sells them, or are simply a wealthy billionaire like Eric Sprott who simply acts according to the world he sees: thank you, and may you continue doing "god's work".

    2. but of course - couldn't stop if i tried.