Friday, October 14, 2011

The Illusions of Progress

It's not capitalism vs anti-capitalism or right vs left
It's freedom vs slavery, love vs hate

The Illusions of Progress
Those who think they hold us to heel
When they bask in the light of our hallucination
Think control will keep at bay what’s real
By manipulating parties, media and nation.

But illusion has captured them as well.
Decades passed and truth repressed
Leave them under the deceiving spell
Of fleeting power with no regress

We know that truth has no party here
Where success finds only the greedy few
Perpetuating facades and grinding gears
Which cause such pain and crush the new

But the power lies in the peoples’ hands
Which build the pedestals from which greed falls
And demand control throughout the lands
In hopes their pride will conquer all

In our hopeless desire for personal glory
We ignore the love we owe each other
And leave the selfish to write our story
Forgetting each man is our brother

This freedom that we feel together
Manifests itself between us now
If we heed its virtuous call to weather
The trials our fate can’t disavow:

Cast off illusion from your mind!
Cast off your party: left and right
More powerful than a memory’s bind
Is present freedom’s eternal light

Destiny makes this our cause
Against loves’ division by selfish hate
So we can walk as one: free of laws
And live together without the state

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