Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hello all! I am currently living in Ecuador and don't know when I will be able to post.

Eyes downcast
I wander from the fields.
Grass and earth
–Still damp from the morning’s quenching-
Ooze between bare feet and penetrate every crevice between the toes,

But I do not notice as my mind wanders farther still:
Over the flat fields of waving corn, tiny towns and shapeless forests.
Finding only broken limits and infinite flight:
Past the open path through which I trod
Past the present to where shadows still play:
The ruse of memories guiding me away…

But at that moment all thoughts align:
The light that bubbles up from green blades
Awakens me from the ground.

I step into this new world
Leaving all those careless thoughts behind
As the tiny twinkling lights illuminate the grass
Soft between my feet as I catch sight of you now.

I’ve opened my eyes today:
Falling into the sea of luminescent orbs
Crawling up the trees and vines
Showing me the soft angles of your face
As you step gingerly down the path

Though these perfect moments seem fleeting,
I know that only now we glimpse eternity.
So come live with me in this reality.
Come join me in this dream.
To live forever in your presence
Transmutes existence like the fireflies’ dance.

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