Thursday, October 6, 2011

1000 Feet Up, 1000 Feet Down

This was written before my "turn".  See if you can spot differences between this and my other poetry
1000 Feet Up, 1000 Feet Down

A dark ocean carried by the wind obscures my travel.
As the last sliver of light disappears behind the ghostly sea of clouds, I dream of you.
Memories worm their way into my conscience.
Like your fingers gently weaving through my hair,
Though I have not even reached my destination, I can only think of returning.
I must repress what passions remain or this week will tear me apart. 
Away from you I am away from life. 
These thoughts rush by along with the clouds: transient in their form, continuous in their substance. 
A voice pulls me away. 
Her face, barely visible in the dark of the cabin, once beautiful now wrinkled with time stares at me with a formality: a smile.
The cold cup passes from her hand to mine, and I am out the window again.
The clouds are gone, replaced by the spreading tendrils of light that characterize the spontaneity of urban invasiveness.
Looking down I see cars, buildings, people, and in this transient state between destinations, between sleep and wakefulness, between happiness and sorrow, I dream that each one has a face like yours.

I dream of a world filled with you.

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